Champoluc is...
living amongst friends!

Close your eyes: you look out of the window and you are surrounded by the splendor of our mountains, the white magic of the glacier, the green of the pine forests and the mountain pastures, the crystal blue of the alpine lakes, the thousand bright colors of flowers. Exit the front door and you are already walking, a few steps and reach the snowy slopes. Being at the table in company is a pleasure without time and at any time the fun is guaranteed.

Open your eyes: it's all reality!

If you are looking for a holiday in the mountains tailored for you, your family, your company, you have found the right friends who will be able to advise you so that you can better enjoy the charm of a stay in Champoluc.

We are Andrea, Ivan, Danila, Sandro, Kathrine, Giorgio and Mattia: a group of friends, brothers, fiancés, whose ties were born on the school desks, on the ski slopes, but they are also the fruit of love blossomed in these mountains.

Some of us were born here, others come from further away, tourists who fell in love with life in Champoluc. Together we have become a network of inseparable friends, we share common passions and we have realized our projects intertwining them, becoming ambassadors of the territory, so that you can love it as much as we do.

For years we share the desire to be an efficient and competent team, each in their own field, but with one big goal: to make your holiday unforgettable.

We are here to listen to your needs, satisfy them and advise you to fulfill your expectations.
We will accompany you to discover the beauties of the Val d'Ayas, the traditions and the best recipes of the kitchen, so that you can really feel one of us.

Because, remember, a stay in Champoluc is living among friends!

Meet a group
of friends!

Download the brochure "Champoluc for You" and see a group of friends ready to welcome you!